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With Pululu and great enthusiasm: Fürth is looking forward to today’s start in the second half of the season – SpVgg Greuther Fürth

With Pululu and great enthusiasm: Fürth is looking forward to today’s start in the second half of the season – SpVgg Greuther Fürth

– When SpVgg Greuther Fürth receives VfB Stuttgart today; the game should also be a fresh start. The prelude to the second half of the season; in which the clover wants to do a lot differently than in the series. A new player who could even play against VfB should also help.

On Friday afternoon it became a bit turbulent in the quiet Fürth. Minutes before Stefan Leitl took his place on the podium at the digital press conference; the media department of the game association sent an email. In it; the club announced the transfer of Afimico Pululu; a 22-year-old attacking player from FC Basel. He signed a contract with the Kleeblatt until the summer of 2024 and the people of Fürth also have the option to extend the contract for another year.

In the announcement; director Rachid Azzouzi praised Pululu for his “speed and robustness”; the Angolan-born player can be “used on the wing as well as in the center of attack” and “fit our profile very well”. At FC Basel; Pululu only played ten times in the second team this season and seven minutes in the first division. “He didn’t get the chance for whatever reason;” said coach Stefan Leitl. After a “small kink” in his career; “Pululu showed willingness and will to come to Fürth and help from the start”.

A push from the new “Afi”?

The 22-year-old may even be able to help today (3:30 PM / Sky) in the second half of the season opener against VfB Stuttgart. “Afi is definitely an option; even if not from the start;” Leitl announced. “I want to have him with me so that he gets to know the processes. His strength will certainly be enough to give us another push.”

At best; a push should also be a win against VfB; who are also in danger of relegation – even if the cloverleaf were still at the bottom of the table with three points left. “We are in a situation where we don’t have to look closely at the table;” said the Fürth coach. “We are in for a home game that we can definitely win if we take our game on the pitch; play very compact and generate good ball wins.”

Meanwhile; Leitl does not want to reveal a specific goal for the second half of the season. “We want to be better than in the preliminary round;” he emphasized. Better than five points in 17 games. For this to succeed; his team must “go into the game with a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm” to cause trouble for VfB; who are individually much better staffed. The coach doesn’t want to look beyond Saturday afternoon – and then he wants to keep it as many footballers think and game by game.

“It will be important for us to tackle these 17 Bundesliga games individually and ask that we do everything we can in every game to be as successful as possible for us;” said Leitl. “Then you see how the season is developing and where the journey is going.” It is still open which eleven players will have to take the first step of this trip against Stuttgart; especially in the central defence. There Nick Viergever will be head of defense again after his ankle injury. According to Leitl; the fact that Maxmilian Bauer plays next to him as a trained central defender does not necessarily have to be the case; Sebastian Griesbeck could also move back one position.

In contrast; the other central defenders Abdourahmane Barry; who was hit in the thigh; and Justin Hoogma; who is in quarantine after his corona infection but has “barely any symptoms” according to Leitl; will not be there. Meanwhile; after his injury; Gideon Jung is already further along than he hoped; -that–; said the coach; -is there our hope and confidence”.

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