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All sporting events this weekend in Eure-et-Loir

All sporting events this weekend in Eure-et-Loir

Departmental 1

Brou – Dreux ACSF (Sunday at 14:30 at the municipal stadium)

Centro Cup (Eighth Final)

Epernon (R3) – Avoine-Chinon (N3) (Sunday at 2pm at Closelet Stadium)

U18 Center Cup

(3rd tour)
Mainvilliers (Reg) – St-Cyr / Loire (Reg) (Saturday at 2.30pm at La Bilterie Stadium)

District Cup

(16 the final)
Mainvilliers (b) (D2) – Bû-Abondant (D3) (Sunday at 14:30 at La Bilterie stadium)
Le Gault St-Denis (D3) – Lucé Ouest (D2) (Sunday at 14:30 at the municipal stadium)
(eighth the final)
Nogent-le-Rotrou (D2) – Maintenon (R3) (Saturday at 8pm at the Robert-Huwart sports center)
La Loupe (D3) – Béville (D3) (Sunday at 2.30 pm at the Henri-Léger Stadium)
La Ferté-Vidame (D1) – Illiers (D1) (Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Antoine-Moharic stadium)
Caderas (D3) – Gallardón (D2) (Sunday matches at 2:30 p.m. at the municipal stadium)

Reserve Cup

(eighth the final)
OC Châteaudun – Mainvilliers (Sunday at 2.30pm at Provost Stadium)
Berchères – Maintenon (Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the municipal stadium)
Thiron-Gardais – Nogent-le-Rotrou (Sunday at 2.30 pm at the municipal stadium)
Vallée-du-Loir – Dreux ACSF (Sunday at 2.30 pm at the Michel-Robic stadium)
Nogent-le-Phaye – Courville (Sunday at 2.30pm at Raymond-Debon Stadium)
Lucé Ouest – Bû-Abondant (Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the François-Richoux Stadium)
Tremblay – Beauceronne (Sunday at 2.30pm at the municipal stadium)

Eure-et-Loir Veterans Cup

(preliminary round)
Aunay-sous-Auneau – Lucé (Sunday at 10 am at the Michel-Couvenant stadium)
Châteauneuf – Amilly (Sunday at 10am at the Pajotterie stadium)
Louillard – FC drouais (Sunday at 10am at the Claude-Desgrouas stadium)
Mainvilliers – St-Georges / Eure (Sunday at 10am at La Bilterie stadium)
Ymonville – Brezolles (Sunday at 10 am at Gabriel-Puech Stadium)
Epernon – Nogent-le-Phaye (Sunday at 10 am at Closelet Stadium)
Champhol – Vallée-du-Loir (Sunday at 10 am at the Paul-Doublet stadium)
Courville – Béville (Sunday at 10 am at the Stade Jourdain)



AST Châteauneuf – Sully (2) (Saturday at 7pm at the Taugourdeau gym)
St-Pryvé (2) – Epernon (Saturday at 8:30 p.m.)
Azay-Veretz – Mainvilliers-Chartres (3) (Sunday at 4pm)


Bléré (2) – Entente Ouest 28 (Saturday at 7pm)
MSD Chartres – St-Avertin (Sunday at 2pm at La Madeleine gym)



Calais – C’Chartres BF (Saturday at 8pm)


(hen G)
Barjouville – ASPTT Caen (Saturday at 8pm at the André-Ouaggini gym)
Caen Nord – C’Chartres BM (Saturday at 8pm)


(hen E)
St-Michel / Orge – C’Chartres BF (2) (Sunday at 3.30pm)


Vallée d’Avre – Ormes (Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the Siraba-Dembélé room)


Bourges (3) – Barjouville (Sunday at 3:30 p.m.)



(hen E)
Angers – Châteaudun VB (Sunday at 4pm)


federal 1

(hen 1)
Drancy – C’Chartres (Sunday at 3pm)

federal hopes

Drancy – C’Chartres (Sunday at 1:30 p.m.)


Pro A

C’Chartres TT – Jura Morez (Sunday at 3pm in the Rosskopf room)

Table Tennis – ProA – C’Chartres TT (CCTT) – Saint-Denis Abdel-Kader Salifou


2×18 meterjournaltimepetition at the Klein gym. Saturday shooting at 10 am and Sunday shooting at 9.15 am


Cup 28 at the 3 Rivières aquatic center. Categories; youth; hopes and seniors. Start of the tests on Sunday at 9 in the morning.

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