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The movie Mouvement available in its entirety and free of charge

The movie Mouvement available in its entirety and free of charge

Movement” is a documentary film made by jeremie gabrien Y romain pelissier. Like a panel discussion; surfers and ocean specialists talk about the practice and their knowledge of it; but it is above all the waves that this film gives voice to.

The two directors went to meet those who surf life and collected the testimonies of Tristan Guilbaud; Gibus from Soultrait; Patrick beven; tom frager; Bruno Castelle Y Anais vanel. These interviews are an opportunity for you to share with us your thoughts and feelings about the links between surfing and life. It is about showing that our way of going through existence is similar to the evolution of the surfer on the wave. Life; like the ocean; is made of turbulence; involves an element of the unknown; and requires permanent adaptability. That is what the interventions of the protagonists of this film try to reveal. What surfers do when they ride the waves is like what people do on a daily basis.

Gibus from Soultrait – « In surfing; in motion; is to be in motion with something that is itself in motion. »

Bruno Castelle – « Dans la vraie vie les vagues ne sont jamais les mêmes; elles n’arrivent jamais avec la même hauteur; la même période; la même direction; il and aura toujours une part d’aléatoire; une part d’inconnu dans le surf et dans waves. »

Surfers are the main witnesses to the movements of the ocean and try to give us the keys to better understand the waves and; at the same time; help us better understand the evolution in a fluid society.

tom frager – « The world is in constant motion; everything changes very fast and surfing is just that. »

Tristan Guilbaud – « It is a sport in which you have to know how to adapt; and on a daily basis you have to know how to surf all the problems that can be encountered. »

After winning the jury award to Anglet Surf Film Festival and be invited to a premiere tour in nine cities of France; in collaboration with the latest Oxbow movie ” The circle “; the documentary ” Movement It’s now available for free on Vimeo.

> By Ondine Wislez Pons

> Produced by Production of the South Landes

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