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Discovery of Nduranz’s energy products

Discovery of Nduranz’s energy products

Nduranz is still little known in dietetics in France; as it is an English / Slovenian brand. Our first trial focused on exercise and recovery gels and drinks.

By David Polveroni – Photos: DR

As explained on the Nduranz website; it is thanks to Dr. Podlogar; a Slovenian as his name suggests; that The entire range has been developed to obtain maximum energy during exercise with minimal digestive dijournaltimefort. After speaking with Dr. Podlogar; now a dietitian for the Bora-Hansgrohe team; he is passionate about cycling and a perfectionist; and that is what makes high-quality products possible.

The Nduranz range is quite simple:

Stress gels: NRGY UNIT GEL

An effort drink: NRGY UNIT DRINK

Two recovery drinks: NRGY REGEN and REGEN LITE

Whey (milk protein)

The gels are Prototyp 1 with 40 g of carbohydrates per gel. Its different flavors are really nice to consume; but it is still very personal. I was able to go out for long periods of more than 7 hours eating exclusively gels for this test; without having had stomach problems or a drop in blood sugar that I felt.

Ijournaltimebined this test with the Prototyp 2 drink; my preference being neutral; with only malt; fructose and electrolytes following your rjournaltimemendation: https://nduranzjournaltime/pages/hydration-guide

In fact; on your site; There is a nutritional strategy according to the efforts to be made; for those who do not have too many reference points this can be useful. It is advisable to try well during training to accustom the body before starting the best forjournaltimepetitions.


There is also a “gut training” page that may also be helpful for those who suffer from reflux or bloating.


These little guides are very well done.; this deserves to be underlined. It’s in English; but Google Translate works great for those who don’t understand Shakespeare’s language.

I’ve also used the recovery drink a few times; but I’m not a fan of it. This can be useful when you can’t have a real meal after training orjournaltimepetition; or when you can’t eat after strenuous exertion. This is why the REGEN range also remains very tasteful. As for the results; it is really impossible to say; there are too many parameters that can influence. Regarding prices; we are in products that are really advantageous given the quality.

The Prototyp 1; which in my opinion are more than enough; are currently € 1.50 per gel. The new ones are at € 2.50 and were not yet available during testing. For the drink; we are at € 30 per 1.35 kg; enough to make about thirty cans; or € 1 per can. With Nduranz you get what you pay for.

To conclude; if we were to summarize; Nduranz makes it possible to offer a high level of performance (or performancejournaltimepared to its potential); as well as the most well-known brands for a minimal cost. In any case; I enjoyed it just the same. His site also allows learning for those who do not have the basics of stress dieting.

Energy products NDURANZ soon…

Note : *****

The best: tastes; perceived efficiency; prices
Cons: simple range

Contact : nduranzjournaltime

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