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Cathie Wood’s ARK fleet sails towards the green zone

Cathie Wood’s ARK fleet sails towards the green zone

Popular theme ETFs Cathie Wood, including ETF ARK Genomic Revolution (+ 3.44%), ETF ARK Innovation (+ 2.18%), ETF ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics (+ 1.92%), ETF ARK Next Generation Internet (+ 1.74%), ETF ARK Space exploration and innovation (+ 1.45%) and ETF ARK Fintech Innovation (+ 1.26%) flashed green on Tuesday when investors’ interest in technology stocks increased again after the publication of strong results.

The best performing fund, ARK Genomic Revolution ETF or ARKG, invests in the healthcare industry, including companies involved in the biotechnology industry, mainly leaders in CRISPR, target therapies, bioinformatics, molecular analysis, stem cells and agricultural biology. The fund, which has a high risk for North America (93%), owns 53 companies, including Teladoc Health (7.98%), Exact Sciences Corp. (5.19%), Pacific Biosciences (4.91%), Fate Therapeutics (4%) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (3.7%). Since its inception on October 31, 2014, the fund has spent $ 6.96 billion on assets and returned over + 300% return.

ARKG trades primarily with Cboe BZX and collects a 0.75% annual fee.

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