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Curling: Nigerians seek funding for a venue

Curling: Nigerians seek funding for a venue


To complete the construction of the country’s first ice enclosure, the Nigerian Curling Federation has created an internet fundraiser.

Curling: Nigerians seek funding for a venue

Nigerian curlers look forward to playing their favorite sport in the country.


The first venue dedicated to ice sports in Africa could see the light in Nigeria. Having become a member of the International Federation in 2018, Nigeria is gradually taking the lead in the world of curling.

Nigeria, the only African nation to curl, recently competed in the 2019 World Mixed Doubles World Cup and made history with its first win over France (8-5) in the tournament. The country has 900 licensees, including 55 professionals, and now it wants to go one step further.

To carry out this project, which is scheduled to see the light of day in Calabar, in the south of the country, Daniel Damola, president of the Nigerian Federation, has launched a crowdfunding modality on the GoFundMe platform.

Of the 6 million euros planned, only … 641 euros have been raised so far. For Damola, this venue could help the development of other ice sports such as skating or hockey.

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