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In January, OL will have to save soldier Bosz

In January, OL will have to save soldier Bosz

“After six months; this is not what is needed”. At the end of the first half of the season; Peter Bosz was lucid. The Dutch coach and OL ended 2021 with a sad draw at home against Metz (1-1).

And Jean-Michel Aulas promised internal changes; linked in particular to Juninho’s surprise departure. The club president also evoked an ultimatum for his coach: Peter Bosz remains “at least until the end of February”. But how can you imagine OL being stubborn with the one chosen by a sports director who resigned if January rhymes with December? Before going on vacation; Lucas Paqueta’s teammates tied four draws and one loss in all competitions.

Excluded from the Coupe de France due to excesses among fans during the 32nd final against Paris FC; Olympique Lyonnais only have three games on their January calendar.

Covid-19 gets involved

The year 2022 will begin with the reception of Paris-Saint-Germain on January 9 at the Groupama Stadium. In what physical and moral state will the Lyon workforce be? Peter Bosz relied heavily on the staging ground in Murcia; Spain; to rally his players and get back on his feet. Except that Covid-19 fell on the group; staff included; and that the escape to the other side of the Pyrenees turned into a banal recovery in the cold Decine.

To face Paris; Lyon will likely be deprived of several executives; still on the mend. What about Lucas Paqueta; stranded in Dubai after a positive PCR test according to the team? Suffice it to say that unless there is a miracle; the arrival of PSG will not be a piece of cake for OL.

On January 16 it will be time to go to Champagne on the lawn of Troyes; a club in bad shape. Suffice it to say that a victory is more than necessary.

Finally; on January 21; Lyon will close the month with the derby at the Groupama stadium. Then there will be a ten day transfer window. And we can imagine that a loss to Saint-Etienne seals the fate of Peter Bosz; to allow his successor to make the final adjustments during the winter transfer window.

Anthony Lopes and his partners have the future of their coach in their hands. Whatever JMA says; if early 2022 looks like late 2021; Peter Bosz won’t see February.

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