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Cobra Kai: four actors from the Netflix series practice karate – News Séries

Cobra Kai: four actors from the Netflix series practice karate – News Séries

Four actors from the series “Cobra Kai” practice karate, but only one of them won the black belt.

Originally aired on the YouTube Red platform, the series Cobra Kai It is now the heyday of Netflix. The continuation of the trilogy Karate kid allows you to find the two main protagonists of the cult saga: Daniel LaRusso (Ralph macchio), the heir to the Miyagi dojo, and his rival Johnny Lawrence (William zabka), follower of the most offensive karate.

As adults, they seek to teach their discipline to a whole new generation of young karateka, responsible for prolonging the rivalry between Daniel and Johnny for more than 30 years. Cobra Kai has also seen other faces resurface from the past, especially that of John Kreese (Martin Kove), the founder of the Cobra Kai dojo, and Johnny Lawrence’s controversial ex-sensei.

One of the great strengths of the Netflix series is the realism of its battles. Beyond training his performers before filming, Cobra Kai was also able to count on the fact that several of his actors actually practiced karate. This is particularly the case with William Zabka.


Trained in college wrestling, the latter learned karate at the time of the first Karate Kid. If you have never earned a black belt, you still earned a green belt, the fourth degree in the discipline (black is the seventh). A more than honorable level, although lower than that of his student Hawk, embodied by Jacob Bertrand.

Initiated to the martial arts since childhood, the actor effectively achieved the rank of purple belt, before abandoning the discipline for several years. His role in Cobra Kai allowed him to reconnect with karate and offer us some anthology fights.

A course similar in all respects to that of his rival Robby Keene, whose interpreter Tanner buchanan She inherited a passion for martial arts from her mother, herself a black belt in karate.


Only one Cobra Kai actor earned a black belt. And no, it’s not about Daniel LaRusso or one of the disciples of the Miyagi dojo, but about a member of the Cobra Kai clan: Owen morgan, which lends its features to Bert. It is also because of his mastery of karate that he was hired by the production of the series, although he only occupies a minor role in the plot.

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The fourth invisible season of Cobra Kai is available now exclusively on Netflix.

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