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VIDEO. Edouard Damestoy, slips in the blood

VIDEO. Edouard Damestoy, slips in the blood



VIDEO.  Edouard Damestoy, slips in the blood

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2019 Skateboarding World Champion, Edouard Damestoy lives to the rhythm of his boards, between surfing and skateboarding. Discover your portrait.

Whether skateboarding or surfing, Edouard Damestoy has slipped into the blood and lives off his passion between France, California and Brazil. Champion of France, Europe and the world, Edouard Damestoy also dreams of Olympic gold, if the discipline, very spectacular, appears on the program. All Sport went to meet him.

If surfing is the source of your love for extreme sports, it is skateboarding that has gained your support over time. “I completely fell in love with this culture of skateboarding, with this solidarity. (…) Skateboarding is athe way to express yourself “.

The native of the Southwest practices the mega ramp, also called the “green ramp.” Steps that rise between 4 and 6 m in height and where the Habs perform aerial tricks. LOn August 29, he won the Vert Alert in the United States, a reference competition in the world of skateboarding.


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