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Jay-Z will now invest in fitness • RAPRNB

Jay-Z will now invest in fitness • RAPRNB

Jay Z He recently decided to invest in fitness, and more specifically in the LIT company. method, specialized in the creation of sports machines …

If you are obviously considered one of the best American rappers in history, Jay Z he has also become a formidable biznessman over the years. Rap’s first billionaire in 2019, Shawn Carter saw his fortune estimated at more than $ 1.4 billion earlier this year by Forbes. But it is known, money attracts money andt Jay Z does not intend to stop in such a good way, he which sold 50% of its shares in the champagne company Armand de Brignac, which it had held since 2014. L‘author of The Blue Print in fact you have decided to embark on a very profitable new business, in this case fitness. To do this, he chose to invest in a company called LIT Method and whose offices are in Los Angeles. It specializes in the creation and sale of high intensity sports machines, often aimed at professional athletes such as American soccer players and basketball and baseball players.

Jay-Z will now invest in fitness • RAPRNB

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A new “smart move” for Jay Z and your company Mvp

In a statement released Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Larry Marcus said that this new location perfectly aligns with the intentions of Mvp (Marcy Risk Partners, the company Jay-Z started with Jay Brown) interfere in the world of sport : “Justin et Taylor (the 2 heads of ILLUMINATED Method) we are tenacious entrepreneurs, knowing how to adapt, with such seriousness and passion. Their products, motivating styles and innovative equipment are a perfect winning combination ”. A great advertisement for LIT Method, who also saw, as a result of this press release, the former baseball player of the The Angels Dodgers, Adrián González, also invests in his company:The It’s natural for me to invest in something that has really helped me throughout my career and that I sincerely believe represents the future of fitness as well. “. Therefore, we will see in a few years if the investments of Jay Z in the field of sports performance it will pay off. Especially since his wife, Beyoncé, has also invested in this business, but in Platoon, one of the main competitors … of LIT Method.

Platoon X Beyoncé

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