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Giulini: «If we are here; it is our fault. We are the ones who have to find a solution “

Giulini: «If we are here; it is our fault. We are the ones who have to find a solution “

The president of Cagliari; Tommaso Giulini; gave an interview in which he commented on the critical situation of the Rossoblùs

The president of Cagliari Tommaso Giulini took the floor and; in the pages of The Union of Sardinia; commented on the difficult situation of his team.

«The moment we are living is in everyone’s eyes. I always try to look ahead; I don’t like judgments but I don’t want to hide. It is society; in the first place; that is responsible for this situation. We thought we had created the conditions for significant growth; but unfortunately this did not happen. I am so sorry. It was a really difficult period and some injuries at crucial moments in the championship had a negative impact. I don’t like creating alibis; if we are here the responsibility is ours and we have to find a solution to get out of it.

Transfer market? We will try to fill in some gaps that we have identified with the athletic director and coach. I want to emphasize that there are things that are not in the market and I speak of the desire to suffer all together; to help each other; the pride of wearing this shirt. Anyone who is part of this company puts passion and sacrifices into it. Look at the spring: it plays with extraordinary intensity and these are the values ​​that must also be observed in the first team. I hope that the technical interventions will help us to recover the spirit necessary to conquer salvation ».

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