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Luperto | «Naples has given me so much

Luperto | «Naples has given me so much

Luperto: «Napoli has given me a lot; but Empoli is the present. Koulibaly and Meret … “ (Saturday; December 11; 2021)
Sebastiano Luperto; defender ofEmpoli; speaks on the eve of the match against him Naples; his former team: here are the statements Interviewed by Il Mattino; Sebastiano Luperto; defender ofEmpoli; speaks of the challenge against “his” Naples. FORWARD Naples – «Honestly; net of absences; it is difficult to find a striker more dangerous than another. Each of them has surprising and different characteristics. Choosing only one would be impossible. “FRIENDS -” I am very attached to all; but that with Alex Meret is a truly special relationship. We talk almost every day and even tomorrow; before the game; there will be messages and ironic dances to make fun of.Koulibaly – “First of all; I’m sorry it’s …Read more calcionews24


Luperto |  «Naples has given me so much

EmpoliFCFeed : Empoli Calcio Luperto returns to Naples: “Empoli healthy society” #empolifc – FootballNews24 : #Empoli; Luperto analyzes the challenge with ‘his’ #Napoli ??? – gilnar76 : Luperto: -#Napoli is my second family. Meret a special friend; Koulibaly a leader. The best moment? … – napolist : #Luperto: «I will never forget my debut in the Champions League with the compliment of #Ancelotti» Sul Mattino. “Napoli h … – MarekNapoli : RT @napolimagazine: EMPOLI – Andreazzoli can get Viti back; but the favorites are Romagnoli and Luperto –

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AC Milan is on stage in Udine

NAPLES – Sunday EMPOLI at 18:00 Naples (4-2-3-1): Ospina; Di Lorenzo; Rrahmani; Juan Jesús; … Empoli (4 – 3 – 1 – 2): Vicar; Stojanovic; Romagnoli; Luperto; Paris; Haas; Ricci; Zurkowski; …

QUESTION OF MODULES – Naples – Empoli: tactical question and probable formations

Romagnoli; Luperto; Parisi; Haas; S. Ricci; Henderson; Bajrami; Pinamonti; F. Di Francesco. The … tactics Naples – Empoli Neapolitans should pay close attention to Pinamonti; at his best …

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Luperto: “I will never forget my Champions League debut with Ancelotti’s congratulations”

In the morning. «Napoli made me grow in a human and soccer way. Playing alongside Koulibaly is an honor and a great encouragement “…

Napoli-Empoli; Luperto’s ex speaks: “Many good memories in the blue jersey”

Sebastiano Luperto; now in Empoli; remembers his Champions League debut when he wore the Napoli jersey.

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