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Eight medals for Limousin at the youth championships in France

Eight medals for Limousin at the youth championships in France

What if the fight got into that too? Over the past decade, Limousin has gained a lot of attention thanks to judo and its talented youngsters, generation after generation.

In recent seasons, the Upper Vienna fight has also started to get people talking about it, in particular thanks to the Sos Usubyan nugget. At age 15, the boy from AL Palais-sur-Vienne won the title of champion of France in U-15 wrestling at -68 kg in October. A new national crown is almost offered, in Greco-Roman this time, in Rosny-sous-Bois, this weekend. “He flew over the competition until the final,” says Laurent Scarantino, the club’s communication director.

An Aredian title

If Sos is asserting himself as a future great, he is not alone in his club: the ALP, the second best French club in the U-15, has achieved the feat of obtaining a medal for every classified fighter. Amir Churayev (U15, -52 kg), Abullaki Khurshedi (U15, -62 kg), Samuel Hovhannisyan (U15, -75 kg), Magomed Ibraguimov (U17, -60 kg) and Victor Roux (U17, -71 kg) are thus mounted on the third step of the podium in its category. “It is exceptional, says Laurent Scarantino with enthusiasm. Our youngsters only train twice a week and have no weight room while their opponents train twice as much. “

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For its part, the CAL de Saint-Yrieix also made talk about it with the title of Gagik Snjoyan (U20) in -77 kg while Simon Auville (U17) took the bronze in -71 kg.

The Limousin thus creates a roller coaster that calls forth other dizzying emotions …

But also…
Three medals for girls at the beginning of the month for the young “France”: Lana Pecout (U15, ALP, 3rd in -39 kg), Sheryne Rousset (U17, ALP, 3rd in -65 kg), Justine Vigouroux (U17, CAL, 1st in -50 kg)
International.Palaisien Khizir Dasiyev won an international tournament with the French U17 team in Italy this weekend.

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