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Washington DC and its region, coast to coast

Washington DC and its region, coast to coast

If there is one element that predominates in the capital region of the United States; it is water. From the Atlantic coast to the heart of the earth passing through the metropolises; water is omnipresent. Rivers; rivers; streams and lakes; the capital region of the United States is full of natural sites; suitable for recreation and water sports. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States; stretching between Maryland and Virginia. Its shores and its rugged terrain are home to a multitude of beaches; coves; charming fishing villages and maritime extensions. What to feast on fresh seafood and enjoy a multitude of activities.

In Maryland; south of Annapolis; between the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent River; is the town of Solomons and its star crustacean blue crab fishermen. Here live Captain Charles Brown; a true sailor; and his wife Mary Beth; a former French teacher. In love with their region and its natural environment; they decided to share their passion with the visitor. Captain Charles Brown takes the travelers; a little before dawn; aboard his boat to lift their crabs; he teaches them the gestures and rudiments of what makes a good tight boat (crab fisherman) and even lets you take your catch with you; if it’s good for the traveler! Back at the port; Mary Beth takes over and shows you the places she loves by kayak. Guide the traveler on the Patuxent River and St Leonard’s Creek; educate about the ecosystem and tell local history. A considerable bonus; Mary Beth speaks the language of Molière!

Washington DC and its region, coast to coast
Chesapeake Bay Crab Credit Shutterstock

The Eastern Shores region is bordered to the west by the Chesapeake Bay and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Its reputation as a nautical capital is consolidated and the beauty of its surroundingsjournaltimepletes the postcard. From the pretty city of Cambridge; it is possible to take a cruise aboard the Nathan of Dorchester sailboat. As enjoyable as it is informative; the walk along the water allows you to better understand the history and place of marine production in the region. A kayak trip through the crystal clear waters of the bay is the most enjoyable. Several local operators offer guided tours; even in the tributary rivers of the bay; always oriented to the knowledge of the local fauna and the environment. Within the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge; bodies of water and salt marshes are ideal for bird watching; such asjournaltimemon cranes and blue herons.

Further north; the Atlantic coast gives way to other extraordinary discoveries. Like Assateague Island; where sandy beaches; mudflats and heavily sheltered bays are the land of majestic wild horses. By canoe or kayak with the local operator Assateague Outfitters; the traveler not only discovers the island’s ecosystem; the original epic of wild horses; but also does a good deed: 50% of the proceeds are donated to the programs of coastal research and preservation!

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Finally; western Maryland is full of surprises; too. Not far from the small town of Flinstone; lakes and rivers abound and trout fishing enthusiasts will land on the banks of the Savage River. This is also where Rocky Gap State Park is located; where Lake Habeeb takes center stage. Its waters are said to be the brightest blue in the state. You can rent kayaks and small boats from the nautical base. Deep Creek Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Maryland. Dominated by the Alleghany Mountains; surrounded by emerald forests in the summer and flamboyant in the fall; it has the advantages of all four seasons and is open all year. Locals like tojournaltimee camping; rent log cabins by the lake; or just spend the day there. It is the ideal place for swimming or water sports; pedal boating; kayaking and some sites are reserved for fishing.

Virginia; on the other hand; has more than 3;800 kilometers of coastline and its largest city; Virginia Beach; holds the record for the longest recreational beach in the world according to Guinness World Records. Its 56 kilometers of coastline facing the ocean offer a wide variety of landscapes and experiences and also the multitude of inland waterways. Kayaking is ideal for discovering the beauty and incredible surroundings of Virginia Beach. Starting with the largest dolphinjournaltimemunity on the East Coast of the United States; which makes its home here. Intelligent and particularly playful; the dolphin seems to have a natural affinity with humans and it is always amazing and fascinating to get close to them. Chesapean Outdoors or Kayak Nature Tours organize guided kayak trips on the coast or in the ocean to observe dolphins in their natural habitat. The experience is unforgettable; especially at sunset!

Virginia Beach Dolphins VTC Kayak Credit

Fish; shellfish and crustaceans are the pride of the inhabitants. The oyster in particular; because Virginia is one of the largest producers in the country. The famous Virginia Oyster Trail or literally “oyster trail” allows visitors to follow a route and meet local oyster farmers; who share their passion. This is the case with Chris Ludford; owner of the Pleasure House Oysters at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Chris takes visitors on a cruise through his oyster farm; explaining how it works; how it is grown and how it is harvested. Then; with your feet in the water; the tasting begins with freshly caught oysters and continues at the captain’s bucolic table in the heart of the park; for a unique and authentic experience! On Back Bay’s inland waterways; canoes and kayaks allow travelers to discover its flora and fauna. Navigating through cypress trees and Spanish moss; the journey takes the direction of the local Pungo district; a district home to many local Virginia Beach producers and restaurants. At the end of the hike; the visitor docks in a kayak at Blue Pete’s restaurant; a local institution where they can feast on fish; shellfish; and crabs. An unmissable walk for lovers of the outdoors and food lovers !

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In southwestern Virginia; a region dominated by the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains; the city of Roanoke enjoys a beautiful location. It is the starting point for a multitude of outdoor activities. Still confidential for French-speaking travelers; the region has all the assets necessary for fishing; kayaking; and sailing in general. Radiating from Roanoke; water sports enthusiasts benefit from a privileged setting. At Twin River; for example; kayaking and canoeing are offered. For fun with the family; visitors will prefer tubes and float on the water on large buoys. Anglers; novice or seasoned; will go to Smith Mountain Lake or Carvins Cove – they will catch trout; sunfish; or muskfish.

Finally; address Richmond; the dynamic and fashionable capital of the state. All in contrasts; mix urban environment and whitewater sports … Yes; really! The city; crossed in its center by the James River; allows the practice of kayaking and rafting; with its class III and IV rapids to its credit. Local operators RVA Paddle Sports and Riverside Outfitters offer fans this moment rich in sensations and emotions; with the skyscrapers in the background… The experience is only lived in Richmond!

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Also in Washington DC; water offers a different approach. Bordered and crossed by the Potomac River and the Anacostia River; the American capital reveals even more charms and the visitor enjoys an original angle of discovery. At Tidal Basin; paddling in the heart of the National Mall offers a different perspective on famous landmarks. Starting from Georgetown Marina; several equipment manufacturers offer equipment for kayaking and canoeing; popular hobbies with the locals; and rowing is serious business here! Finally; one must absolutely admire the impressive monuments of Washington from the Potomac River. Small boat cruises or guided kayak excursions are offered; even at sunset; when the monuments are illuminated … An unforgettable memory of the capital.

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The tour operator Amérigo; specialist in a la carte or ajournaltimepanied trips to the Americas; offers a driving itinerary Discovery of the capital region; crossing the states of Maryland and Virginia with Washington; DC as a base.

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