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Nagelsmann: “I don’t think it’s a good thing that certain internals are being revealed”

Nagelsmann: “I don’t think it’s a good thing that certain internals are being revealed”

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Dynamo Kyiv – FC Bayern Munich

23-11-2021 | 6:45 pm

13:03: That was it for Bayern-PK for the game against Kiev.

1 p.m.: Nagelsmann over possible internal dispute over unvaccinated: “Ultimately; the distinction of a group is that you don’t always have to agree and have controversial discussions. That also feeds and creates opinions. I don’t think this will break the team.” By not vaccinating; the chance of quarantine is a bit higher; you can see that now. We have to be there for each other; this is a situation in which we can grow and in which we as Bayern Munich must also grow.”

12:58 pm: Nagelsmann on the five professionals in quarantine: “There are clear rules. As an unvaccinated person you have to quarantine. That is relatively easy. All players are fine; Kimmich would theoretically come back at the earliest. It is always about testing and not getting infected through the contacts. The earliest possible. ” The date is seven days from the start of the quarantine – with a free test for players who are symptom free. “

12:56 pm: Nagelsmann on the defensive: “I’ve said that many times. It’s always about the moment of counter pressure and the space in which the opponent can switch. In the most rare cases it has to do with the defense chain. This is a closed topic and is guaranteed not just the defense chain influence.”

12:54 pm: Nagelsmann at LewandowskI: “Its importance is known and clear. A certain degree of stress management is also important for him; his representative (Choupo-Moting; Anm. d. ed.) is in quarantine. We can’t attack much better in the next two games. Lewandowski is not 18 and needs to be told how to do it. He already knows that.”

Nagelsmann: ‘Disturbing noises are part of Bavaria’

12.52 pm: Nagelsmann on the cap against Kiev: “Sabitzer and Coman are sick; we have to wait and see if they can play. Sabitzer has Achilles tendon and calf problems. Coman doesn’t feel very muscular; but we have to see how he reacts overnight; because there is an important Bundesliga -match on the weekend With a small group in the hotel we don’t have many conversations about who isn’t playing.

12.49 pm: Nagelsmann on the difficult situation: “Actually I have more fun when it’s quiet. We shouldn’t make the mistake of projecting these problems too much on the sporting side. We may have two defeats too many; one of two – Frankfurt or Augsburg – should not happen to us. For the rest we are taking good steps; a week and a half ago we were praised for how strong and flexible we are.

Disturbing noises are part of Bayern Munich. Of course; I don’t think it’s a good thing that certain internal matters are revealed; by anyone. Certain topics are about private matters; which of course have to do with FC Bayern. But there are already too many things that are carried out on the outside. There are no things that jeopardize our sporting success. It would be nice if it was a little more closed. It is ultimately part of the business; but certainly not the healthiest part of the business.–

12.47 pm: Nagelsmann on Sabitzer: “He had an extremely strong first three weeks; then he lacked a bit of rhythm. But it wasn’t as bad as it is written everywhere against Augsburg. It’s always too brutal for me; there are other players who lose the ball.” In the end; it’s all about defending as one. That didn’t work against Augsburg in three situations – that was enough for two goals. We have to react a little better as a whole team when we lose the ball.

12.46 pm: Nagelsmann on the failures against Kiev: Champions League is never unimportant; certainly not as Bavaria Munich. We don’t have this pressure for results; except that Bayern always has. We can now show a response to Augsburg with changed personnel. Despite eight failures; we still have a very good team on the field; us trip yes not with a bar group. Sule has been released and will be examined tomorrow – he may be able to play again at the weekend. The same goes for Stanisic.”

12.45 pm: That’s it from Sané; now Nagelsmann is here.

Sané: ‘Of course I spoke to Kimmich and Gnabry once’

12.43 pm: Sané at its peak: “Some have said that the assist against Hertha was such a moment. But that was just an action. I’m just trying to be mentally positive because I knew what my position was and what it was like. Of course I was in the last with my performance Season not happy – I admit I would be a bit blind if I said I had a good season … At some point after my injury I had to show that I can play football now one thing to the other. That pulls you up.”

12.42 pm: Sané on the defensive weaknesses: “We defend up front; that’s where it starts. We’re working on it and trying to improve as a team.”

12.41 pm: Sané about the players in quarantine: “We’ve been around for a bit longer. The players know what the situation is. That’s why it’s not such a big problem for me anymore. We have to focus completely on football.”

12.40 pm: Sané on his form: “I’m generally a guy who tries not to let himself come down when something negative happens. Physically I feel really; really good; I’m fit and try to keep the momentum going and keep going.”

12.38 pm: Sané on vaccination; Kimmich and Gnabry: “Ultimately; I am someone who stands for vaccination. Of course I have already mentioned it to you once. I want us to be on the field together and help each other. That is out of the question. But of course I also respect their decision.”

12.37 pm: Sané about the crowds: “If something happens; you talk about it briefly. But that doesn’t affect us. We just want to go full throttle and win the games. We are Bayern – even if one or the other is missing; we have to be good about them Get the podium.”

12.35 pm: Let’s go; Sane starts.

12.25 pm: So the PK will start. We look forward to Nagelsmann’s statements on the state of play…

11:50am: Welcome to the FOCUS Online live ticker! From 12.30 pm Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann and attacking player Leroy Sané will speak at the press conference prior to the Champions League match in Dynamo Kyiv.

Munich had to contest their last training session with a very decimated squad. The five football professionals Joshua Kimmich; Serge Gnabry; Jamal Musiala; Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Michael Cuisance were absent from Munich on Monday because they are quarantined as Corona contacts.

After their corona infections; Nagelsmann also had to do without defenders Niklas Süle and Josip Stanisic at the unit on the club grounds; where only the first 15 minutes were visible to the media. Initially; nothing was known about the possible end of their isolation.

FC Bayern can book group victory early

Dayot Upamecano will not be able to play in Ukraine on Tuesday (6:45 PM) due to a yellow card suspension after his third warning. The former resident of Leipzig was absent from the last training session. Back is Kingsley Coman; who runs the 1:2 in . won the Bundesliga was absent from FC Augsburg on Friday due to muscle problems.

In Kiev; Bayern are aiming for their fifth win in their fifth group game after 17-2 goals so far. Having the ticket for the round of 16 already booked; that would mean winning the group in advance. Munich could possibly secure this even in the event of a defeat.

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