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Red notice: director talks about two Netflix movie sequels

Red notice: director talks about two Netflix movie sequels

The sequels to “Red Notice,” Netflix’s latest cinematic box, will surely qualify for two sequels. And these will be shot in stride, according to director Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Red notice : huge box on Netflix

Released on November 12 on Netflix, Red notice is a hit and is fast becoming the most watched movie of all time on the platform. The feature film even won the highest-viewing title on its opening day, and it now represents 148 million transmissions. Made by Rawson Marshall Thurber, Red notice it’s an obvious action comedy carried away by an impressive trio of Dwayne johnson, Gal gadot and Ryan reynolds. As for Rawson Marshall Thurber, his name may not ring a bell, but the filmmaker starred in some famous comedies like Dodgeball, The Millers, a family in the making or more recently Near-secret agents.

Can you expect consequences?

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rawson Marshall Thurber seemed optimistic about producing one or more sequels to Red notice. The filmmaker said he thought this could be “A real possibility”. The director even specified that these sequels would be shot immediately:

If we had to do a sequel, the only thing responsible would be to do two in a row. It’s such a big production, and if you can edit it all at once, it will be better for everyone. Even for my sanity.

The idea is not stupid in itself, so much the concept of Red notice it’s easy to derive and develop within a whole saga. However, it is still necessary for all three actors to be available to return to their characters. Indeed, This trio already has a very busy schedule.

Red notice: director talks about two Netflix movie sequels
Red notice © Netflix

Dwayne Johnson is a sought-after actor, which will soon be in Black adam. The actor will also take, in the coming years, with the filming of Jumanji 3 (and potentially 4), a Jungle Cruise 2 and possibly a movie Fast and Furious, either the tenth work of the classic franchise or a second spin-off Hobbs and Shaw. Gal Gadot is also in the drawers of DC as he will return as the famous Amazon for the filming of Wonder woman 3. She will also incarnate Cleopatra facing the camera Patty jenkins and Evil Queen in the new version of White snow produced by Marc webb. Finally, Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, just affirm that he will take a break from your running. And when I come back, clearly there will be a need to take care of Deadpool 3. So stop Red Notice 2, we’ll probably have to wait a bit …

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