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Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson’s Blockbuster Is The Most Expensive Netflix Movie Ever Produced

Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson’s Blockbuster Is The Most Expensive Netflix Movie Ever Produced

Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson’s Blockbuster Is The Most Expensive Netflix Movie Ever Produced
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Available on the platform from October 12, “Red Notice”, which brings together Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, is the most expensive film ever produced by Netflix with a budget of around $ 200 million.

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Talent has a price, and to attract the big names in cinema, Netflix has not hesitated to put its hands in its pocket. In this way, Red notice, the platform’s all-new original movie (available from October 12) has become the most expensive Netflix ever produced with an estimated budget of nearly $ 200 million.

Exceeding the already fabulous budgets of the Irish ($ 159 million) and 6 underground (150 million), Red notice It has become the most expensive film of the American giant, in particular by the salary that is awarded to its headliners. Dwayne johnson, Ryan reynolds and Gal gadot He thus received $ 20 million each for appearing in this action feature film (or a third of the total budget).

In addition to the staggering salary of its top three stars, Red notice It also cost a fortune to convert, due to its worldwide set.

Add to this a series of action scenes from big shows, to keep the illusion of a blockbuster cinema undiscovered in your living room, and that’s how the movie signed on. Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball! Not bad) became the most expensive Netflix ever produced.

Its budget is still relatively low compared to recent blockbusters. Remember that the most expensive movie ever produced is Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth ($ 411 million budget!), Closely followed by the last two Avengers installments, Endgame (356 million) and Infinity war (316 million).

Action movie Red notice Is now exclusively available on Netflix!

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