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Red Notice Review (Movie, 2020)

Red Notice Review (Movie, 2020)

FILM / CRITICAL REVIEWS: Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds reunite on camera with Rawson Marshall Thurber for “Red Notice,” classic and generally effective entertainment.

Red notice : an explosive threesome

If his name does not ring a bell, Rawson Marshall Thurber However, it is a regular in the formula. Dwayne johnson. In fact, the two artists have already collaborated twice: in Skyscraper and in Near-secret agents. He also staged Dodgeball and attach it The Millers, a family in the making. For his new achievement he joined the great Netflix family with Red notice. Also used by Ryan reynolds and Gal gadot, the feature film premiered on November 12 on the platform. The story tells how an Interpol agent hunts down a skilled art thief, played by Ryan Reynolds. The FBI calls in its best profiler (Dwayne Johnson) to arrest the latter. But the two men are hit by another thief, Le Fou, played by Gal Gadot, forcing them to form a team.

Red Notice Review (Movie, 2020)
Red notice © Netflix

In this way, Red notice repetition the classic friends movie formula without revolutionizing the genre. Rawson Marshall Thurber opts for a fairly classic but often effective action comedy, which recreates the commonplaces of the genre, magnified thanks to the trio of actors. In 2 hours of entertainment, the filmmaker delivers some well thought-out action sequences, as evidenced by the impressive opening scene (that sometimes remembers Royal Casino, proportionally), but above all a good dose of humor very anchored in the characters that Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have created during their careers. Red notice does not revolutionize the genre and is sometimes vague, but the relationship between these two actors, between action and comedy, hits the mark.

References in all directions

So Ryan Reynolds replay his eternal score of funny little clever, a role that he has already played in countless films such as Hitman and bodyguard, 6 underground, RIPD, or course dead Pool. For Dwayne Johnson is the same, and the comedian is back in the shoes of a funny and muscular protagonist in a Jumanji, Jungle cruise, Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 or Hobbs and Shaw. So inevitably it repeats itself a bit, but it is It is always a pleasure to see these two actors having fun on screen in custom roles. In this way, Red notice it’s like this explosive duo: a light, quirky and talkative blockbuster, sometimes too long and awkwardbut reflecting a real desire to provide uncomplicated, unpretentious, and totally fun entertainment.

Red notice
Red notice © Netflix

Red notice it is like the best entertainment of recent years. Rawson Marshall Thurber does not hesitate to borrow from his elders. More informed viewers will obviously find a great deal ofIndiana Jones (especially in his last part in the forest), but he also nods to welcome to the Jungle, from James bond, For tomb Raider, in the cinema of Guy ritchie (UNCLE code at the head) and obviously to the saga From the ocean. But the movie that most resembles Red notice is one more time Hitman and bodyguard. Already because Ryan Reynolds has a mirror role, and that the forced association of the two protagonists is very reminiscent of the agreement imposed between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

Ultimately, there is not much to add Red notice. Rawson’s Marshall Thurber film is presented as a classic spy comedy, with no other ambition than to entertain the whole family, through well-known chains of this type of cinema. Obviously, it is not a masterpiece of the seventh art, but it is not embarrassing either. It’s a bit too long, but it’s often very endearing.

Red notice by Rawson Marshall Thurber on Netflix since November 12, 2021. About the trailer. Find all our trailers here.

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