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School sport resumes in Champagnat

School sport resumes in Champagnat

After a year of forced unemployment, school sports resumed at full capacity at the Champagnat secondary school. Teams have already been formed in various sports disciplines.
In flag football, among girls, youth and younger girls have taken over the neck in recent weeks.

“They played several road games and made the playoffs,” said Guy Hamelin, school athletic director, proudly.

About fifteen teams, divided into different divisions, made up the regional circuit to which the girls from La Tuque joined.

Cross-country also got a fresh start at Champagnat High School. “It’s been a long time since there was cross-country,” adds Mr. Hamelin.

Four boys and three girls, mostly from secondary school, made up the La Tuque delegation, which recently attended a regional competition. Young people, who form a very dynamic nucleus, are well illustrated there. They are made up of Sébastien Moisan and Guy Hamelin.

After a year-long hiatus, Latvian basketball, volleyball and badminton teams can also resume their activities.

Two youth teams, a youth team and a coed team play volleyball. For boys, there is a youth team and two youth basketball teams.

A full badminton team has also been formed. This sporting discipline is returning with pleasure to the Champagnat school. Guy Hamelin added that the young people are trained by Christian Léveillée and Jean-François Beaudet.

Sports matches will be presented on weekends, which may eventually be seen by spectators, respecting current sanitary measures. Breaking News 24/7 Copr.