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[36/42] At Vaud l’eau – On the base of the Doubs canyon, tranquil and pleasure reign

[36/42] At Vaud l’eau – On the base of the Doubs canyon, tranquil and pleasure reign

On the base of the Doubs canyon; tranquil and pleasure reign

The panorama from Roches-de-Moron, near La Chaux-de-Fonds, is impressive.  Lake Moron, below, is held back by the Châtelot Dam, on the right, which is over 70 meters high.
The Saut du Doubs is a must-see on the heights of the canton of Neuchâtel.
The Saut-du-Doubs is a 27-meter high waterfall, between the Lac des Brenets and the Lac de Moron.
Atmosphere on the banks of the Lac des Brenets, which forms the border between France and Switzerland.


Diving followers

-Humid; the area is appreciated by the moss that rises over the timber; giving the impression of being immersed within the setting of a outrageous film. We’re nearly shocked that no elf or elf jumps in the course of the highway. “

After the Saut du Doubs, the river is very wild and runs through green nature.
Le Theusseret restaurant is located along the Doubs with a waterfall in front of the terrace and richly decorated interiors.
Part of the Doubs, near Goumois, can be descended by canoes.


Rainbow trout

The Doubs crosses Saint-Ursanne just before returning to France.
The Saint-Jean bridge pays homage to a martyr priest named Jean Népomucène (1340-1393).
Saint-Ursanne is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.  This earned him the nickname of


The Doubs marks the border with France before a short detour through Saint-Ursanne.

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