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YOZONE: The Artwork of Mézières

YOZONE: The Artwork of Mézières

He’s the designer of a significant French science fictionjournaltimeic collection. We will additionally say that his to make time in a busy schedule for a person or an activity. “Valérian and Laureline”; written by Pierre christin; did faculty. To disappear to the invention of Jean-Claude Mezieres; Dargaud presents an Artbook that desires to be a precise doc guide that reveals the distinct sides of this prolific and honest editor.

The guide brings collectively a big variety of spectacular and unpublished paperwork to note the ability of drawing by Mézières within the fields of the press; promoting; cinema or cartoons.

Undoubtedly of the 2 works already revealed by Dargaud or “The Jean-Claude Mézières extras”. The format adjustments; the album will seize on thickness; width and peak; the duvet will  transform (way more thriving) and can include its insignificant dose of unreleased materials.

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With Laureline; Valérian and their tons of of 1000’s of readers; I to anticipate a future event because it either makes you happy and/or you benefit from it. it with immense greed. A dive into the celebrities that can seize spot on September 24; 2021.

The artwork of Mézières

Christophe Qillien and Jean-Claude Mézières

Dargaud – 240 coloration pages – € 39

Launched September 24; 2021

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- Valérian; Integral 4
- Délices & Daubes n ° 98: House-time brokers by Henri Bademoude

Illustrations © Jean-Claude Mézières and Éditions Dargaud (2021)

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