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Why you should not succumb to TikTok’s frozen honey pattern

Why you should not succumb to TikTok’s frozen honey pattern

Consume  frozen honey; Tiktok’s newest pattern to not succeed.

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An influencer created a stir on the social community TikTok by consuming frozen honey. The expertise has bjournaltimee a pattern; the frozen honey problem; amongst its followers and different content material creators. Nonetheless; this expertise is just not with out its well being dangers. Negative effects vary from an perturb abdomen to cavities and diarrhea. Hmm …

“I am not going to lie;” he stated in a TikTok video. “It was fairly refreshing.” Dave Ramirez is a content material creator on the TikTok social community. Final  month; his followers have been qualified to see him savor a huge shot of honey … frozen; straight from a bottle that he pressed vigorously. Along with the looks of a toothpaste; which might be described as candy; the seemingly innocuous video has acquired greater than 3 million likes and the pattern has generated near 900 million views.

The yarn might believe ended there. However; as is commonly the case on social media; it has unfold like a virus in occasions of pandemic. As a result of in a short time; different influencers started to mimic Dave and manufacture their very own combine from corn syrup; bubble tea; or; very cleverly; spicy sriracha sauce. Some believe even partnered with sweet manufacturers to supply their followers modern freezer candies.

A not so insignificant expertise

However beware. Consuming sugar in any kind and frozen content material carries dangers and may believe well being penalties. Sarah Rueven; a dietitian in Novel York Metropolis; stated Novel York Occasions that consuming big quantities of honey may cause abdomen ache and diarrhea. Additionally; consuming honey for a lengthy time can result in weight acquire and tooth rot. Negative effects removed from insignificant and that no creator talks about on TikTok. Dave Ramirez; who has round 5.5 million followers on TikTok; stated he has no plans to begin a pattern. It is extremely depraved.

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