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Desk tennis for dummies

Desk tennis for dummies

Desk tennis; the leisure sport par excellence; has many features which are nonetheless unknown to most of the people. The double desk tennis champion from Freiburg (2009 and 2020) andjournaltimemunication director of Swiss Desk Tennis; Luca Anthonioz reveals positive specificities of his favourite self-discipline.

Mattias Falck from Sweden concentrates prior serving.


What number of rackets does a participant use in an Olympic match?

“Gamers can not use a couple of noise in a sport except they by chance wreck one. It’s critical to notice that the liner of the noise must be modified often so as to perform optimally.”

What are the mostjournaltimemon accidents of ping pong gamers?

“Acute accidents are uncommon in desk tennis. Gamers primarily undergo from twisted knees or exhaust  accidents to the decrease again; wrists and arms.”

What are the variations between the European snowshoe grip and the Asian grip?

“The Asian grip permits far more angle and subsequently extra conceivable rotations. That’s the reason most Asian gamers used this system that favored a mode of play primarily based on service and a worthy forehand. They realized that it was hard to execute the backhand with this grip; so the Asians returned to the European grip as a result of in desk tennis at this time you maintain to bejournaltimeplete in every single place. “

Why execute gamers stomp when serving?

“It’s a reflection. This gesture is within the dynamics of the motion to donate extra depth to the service.”

Why execute you often contact the desk together with your hand close the web?

“Gamers execute this to wipe their sweat. They execute it close the web and never in the midst of the desk to prohibit the ball from falling into the sweat stains. At the moment; for a lot of gamers; this gesture has bjournaltimee a behavior. In contrast to tennis; desk tennis gamers can solely grasp the towel each six factors. “

Are all desk surfaces the identical?

“Sure; they’re very related. However; altitude is an critical issue much more figuring out than in tennis. Subsequently; the upper the altitude; the extra the balls will are likely to bounce lofty. Adaptation is just not forever simple. “

Are there ping pong techniques like those you see in tennis?

“Tactical diagrams are clearly exercised throughout coaching; which is usually divided into three elements. The primary is a basic warm-up. The second is devoted to a scientific train; which means that the participant will ‘to enter data or record time on a device.’ a selected shot. Lastly “The final  fraction is devoted exactly to the tactical diagrams. As for bodily coaching; they’re primarily made up of depth workouts”.

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