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Nature sport. Ten marked path circuits within the coronary heart of Suisse-Normande

Nature sport. Ten marked path circuits within the coronary heart of Suisse-Normande

The coureurs des Mollets Caennais, representatives of Suisse-Normande tourism and the community of the Cingal-Suisse-Normande commune during the presentation in front of the Clécy viaduct (Calvados).
The coureurs des Mollets Caennais; representatives of Suisse-Normande tourism and thejournaltimemunity of the Cingal-Suisse-Normandejournaltimemune through the presentation in fore of the Clécy viaduct (Calvados). (© The combating decoration)

With the target of to extend the attractiveness of the sector; the tourism workplace Switzerland-Norman Tourism and the [***journaltimemunity ofjournaltimemunes Sinhala-Swiss-Norman created theSwiss-Norman trail universe.

A new product for lovers of foot race.

The Swiss-Norman It is a tourist destination but also a sports destination with a small mountain topography.

Ten signposted circuits

next toclimbing; via ferrata and summer tobogganing To Clécy In addition to the many cycling circuits; including the Vélo Francette; there is now a new product available for running enthusiasts.
The Swiss-Norman universe of trails offers ten permanently marked circuits with four levels of difficulty ranging from 5 to 29 km; including an ultra of almost 87 km with more than 2;100 meters of elevation gain.

This last course around Thury-Harcourt is aimed at experienced athletes used to running long distances with minimal training.

Three departure locations are offered

Clécy; from the Faverie car park; near the summer toboggan run and the 30% coastline with four routes to choose from:
– The rock massif of the park for beginners (10;900 km and 260 m of unevenness);
– Mont des Vêpres: intermediate level (18;100 km; 347 m elevation gain);
– Between rocks and meanders: confirmed level (19;700 km; 505 m elevation);
– On the heights of Eminence: expert level (25;300 km; 595 m elevation gain).
Thury-Harcourt; exit from the leisure center. Four routes:
– The Hom circuit: beginner level; (5;500 km; 140 m unevenness);
– Orne Valley: intermediate level (16;900 km; 407 m elevation gain);
– Col Saint-Martin: level confirmed (20;500 km; elevation gain 424 m);
– Le Mont d’Ancre: expert level (29;800 km; elevation gain 762 m).
– The Suisse-Normande ultra tour: for experts (86;300 km; 2;105 m elevation gain).
A course in Saint-Germain-le-Vasson : Laize Valley; intermediate level (14;900 km; drop of 255 m).

22% women

These routes were created and marked by members of the Caen Mollets sports club; whose members are trail specialists and more particularly ultras for a few.

The creation of these permanent trail courses will add a lot to a territory that has many resources in this area. Trail running is a new popular sports practice in the natural environment on roads and trails.

For Sylvie JacqPresident of Suisse-Normande Tourism

900;000 practitioners in France

To date; in France; outdoor trail running is booming with more than 900;000 practitioners.

57% of trail runners are over 35 years old and the percentage of women increased from 8 to 22 between 2010 and 2017.

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