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World document for cave diving within the Japanese Pyrenees

World document for cave diving within the Japanese Pyrenees

On December 30; skilled diver Xavier Méniscus broke the world document for cave diving. He descended 286 meters into the bowels of the Font Estramar positioned in Salses in Les Pyrénées-Orientales. A technical feat for Olivier Blanc; an novice diver within the division for 13 years. Captivated with diving; member of the Instagram collective Whats up south; the instructor advised us in regards to the variations between diving and cave diving. And what’s at stake in such a feat.

♦ Technical efficiency and depth problem at Font Estramar

In accordance with Olivier; any such exploration is overhead all a want to to be more than or better than what is normal or expected. one’s limits and a technical problem. Greater than a dive for the setting. As a result of what fascinates Olivier is overhead all of the contemplation of marine biodiversity; and he even blogged about it. Dive with Olivier. Nonetheless; in unused water and in these cavities; dinky or no life. All the things is unlit and solely the lights introduced by the diver can fracture the darkness of the depths.

As with every high-level athlete; the objective is to shove your self past your personal limits. But in addition to check the supplies journaltimeputer; rebreather …); and the processes in order that the observe of diving evolves. Olivier tells us that it took Xavier Méniscus about twenty minutes to descend. However greater than 11 hours to procure into the water at 18 levels ! For Olivier; he had to make use of a formidable variety of cylinders and fuel combination to hold respiration in the course of the stops required for djournaltimepression. It was additionally obligatory to offer distinct air mixtures relying on the depth.

The 51-year-old skilled diver responded to France 3’s microphone following his dive. -Probably the most necessary portion is the return. We saturate quite a lot of fuel at this depth and we should take away it prior going up. In any other case; the alike factor occurs as if you begin a bottle of champagne too rapidly. The blood begins to bubble! To keep away from this formation of bubbles; it’s essential to to move or extend to a higher level or farther north. very steadily. It took 11 and a half hours to procure to walk or drive a vehicle backwards. safely. “ .

♦ Xavier Méniscus – A educated skilled diver

To produce a  secure dive; Xavier Méniscus trains commonly. On December 20 he had descended to 208 meters within the Goul de la Tannerie (Ardèche). And on December 18 he plunged into the decrease cave of the Archiane circus in Drôme.

♦ Xavier Méniscus underground document holder and Ahmed Gamal Gabr underwater document holder

If Xavier Méniscus sprayed the cave diving document; till then within the fingers of Nuno Gómez; is the Egyptianjournaltimebat swimmer Ahmed Gamal Gabr who holds the document within the sea. On September 18; 2014; he was the primary diver to descend to this depth in a tank swimsuit and unaided. It took him solely 12 minutes to succeed in 332.5 meters. However at 3 within the afternoon to produce his ascent within the waters of the Crimson Sea.

♦ The Font Estramar de Salses – A resurgence as gorgeous as it’s perilous

The Font Estramar o Fuente de Salses is the deepest resurgence explored by diving in Europe. This gallery is especially appreciated by hobbyists for its width and depth. Scientists additionally research it for the quantity of pure water it accommodates. Pure and clear water filtered by the limestone rocks of the Corbières. Font Estramar can also be particularly perilous; exactly due to its depth. Olivier to remind us that it was prohibited to the general public apart from a selected exemption.

The Wikipedia web page devoted to this pure web site lists a minimum of 5 deaths of divers; a few of whose our bodies acquire by no means been discovered.

The exploration of this cavity started in 1949 and Xavier Méniscus had already explored the location 3 occasions: at a depth of 248 meters in 2013; 262 meters in 2015; prior breaking the world document for underground diving at a depth of 286 meters on 30 December. December 2019..

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