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Regular progress for hammer thrower Joey Lussier

Regular progress for hammer thrower Joey Lussier


Disraeli’s hammer thrower Joey Lussier is having fun with regular progress.

The athlete; who trains on the College of Laval PEPS; has made phenomenal progress in outside throwing through the years. His private marks went from 37.77 meters in 2015 to 65.38 meters in 2021. For him; it’s clear that the outcomes are as a result of effort he the amount almost always separates the verb.; particularly in occasions of pandemic …

To persevere his development; Joey Lussier will maintain to hunt the next degree ofjournaltimepetition injournaltimepetitions external of Quebec.

Plus; you will maintain to take part in outside coaching camps underneath extra favorable skies throughout the winter to secure the identical situations as yourjournaltimepetitors within the west of the nation.

Right here is the interview broadcast on Plaisir 105.5 Thetford and 107.1 Disraeli with Alain Faucher …

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