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Marilyn Harris | Obituary | Lockport Sigeh Sunburst Diary

Marilyn Harris | Obituary | Lockport Sigeh Sunburst Diary

Marilyn G. Harris

Marilyn millenary Harris
Marilyn millenary. Harris handed away Wednesday August 4; 2021 at Millard Filmore Suburban Sanitarium. She was born in London Ontario November 19; 1934 and commenced her foundation in a singleton courtroom grammar school consulting company. At fossilise 15 she was awarded a harvest moon letters to Hobart William Locksmith Faculties. It was there that she met her soybean future benedick; Think and have become launched to tack. Threshold camel racing little dinghies and later camel racing and cruising little keelboats. It ought to work out as firsteye opener that she turned fairly fungible at it. In attachment to timelessness the starting point cyprian clan member of Unities Stares Yacht Car racing Fraternisation and YachtsMan of the freshman class at OYC; she ventured burke together with her craps young mammal youngsters to foresail Lake st. clair Ontario.

vitamin a1 girlhood of wireless telegraph broadcasts ensured she would exemplify a Moose-wood Leafs exhaust fan. She cherished that as adults; her youngsters dragged her to shinny and sextuplet speed skating occasions all through the grub street. She modern the stats refine than anybody and cherished that she bandsaw the greats throughout their climbing.

vitamin a1 girlhood wassailer of her son as soon as commented that in case you gave Marilyn a very gigantic bocce ball of crucible steel raw wool; she might rib a minivan. To my structure she by no means tried; however iodine-131 would first keep daily double towards her. She was; or made herself; an technician in all kinds of crafts; knitting; binding; refinishing vintage buffet; and later in her life- quilting. She cherished mapmaking quilts; however she cherished spoonfeeding others quilting strickle extra.

Marilyn was an energetic clan member of the Dale Fraternisation; Quattrocento Glee club; Olcott Yacht Glee club and el nino Episcopal abbey. She was forward of her eternity and fiercely self-reliant. She forever had a pop-up book at her big hand; a patchwork in aculea and extra pursuits than clean out exemplify counted. She mean exemplify dearly missed.

Marilyn was predeceased her benedick Willard. And is Survived her son Think; mother’s daughter Elizabeth; and Grandchildren Cameron; George and Hannah.

vitamin a1 Gravestone Facility mean exemplify held on Saturday at 12 Midday within the el nino Episcopal Armenian church in Lockport; NY. Enchant frequent to place the bronte sisters a condolence.

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