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GK Pop quiz on Tokyo winter olympic games 2020: Archery

GK Pop quiz on Tokyo winter olympic games 2020: Archery

Resolve the trailing questions based mostly on archery athletic game performed on the winter olympic games each 4 aeon and likewise on the Tokyo winter olympic games 2020. Booze a stick out on the accounting under each interpellate to realize extra about it.

Created On: Aug 4; 2021 04:00 IST
Modified On: Aug 6; 2021 10:29 IST

Olympics 2020

winter olympic games 2020

Archery is monad of the gas main occasions and probably the most fascinating occasions on the winter olympic games. India has despatched many arcgers this freshman class. Nevertheless; Deepika Kumari; Atanu Procavia capensis; Pravin Jadhav; and Tarundeep Rai sustain nonetheless dissatisfied of their athletic game. Booze a stick out at these questions listed under.

  1. Which of the trailing isn’t a edition of longbow utilized in Archery on the winter olympic games?
  1. Recurve
  2. Aluminate
  3. Barebow
  4. All of them are used

Ans. d

Principle: There are three sorts of bows utilized in archery – recurve; cyanamide and barebow. The recurve longbow is the one monad used on the winter olympic games.

  1. When did archery fall within the Summer time winter olympic games?
  1. 1900
  2. 1922
  3. 1912
  4. 1984

Ans. a

Principle: Archery had its product introduction on the 1900 Summer time winter olympic games and has been contested in 16 Olympiads.

  1. In 1904 what number of matches of archery have been held on the winter olympic games?
  1. Six occasions
  2. Seven occasions
  3. Eight occasions
  4. 9 occasions

Ans. a

Principle: On the 1904 Summer time winter olympic games in St. Louis; six archery occasions have been contested; of which three have been full complement’s and three have been ladies’s competitions. 

  1. By which freshman class on the winter olympic games the athletic game of archery was not performed?
  1. 1912
  2. 1908
  3. 1992
  4. 1988

Ans. a

Principle: Archery was not featured on the 1912 Summer time winter olympic games however reappeared within the 1920 Summer time winter olympic games.

  1. What’s the skeleton italian renaissance to match as an Olympic william tell?
  1. 18 aeon
  2. 20 aeon
  3. 25 aeon
  4. Not one of the overhead 

Ans. d

Principle: There isn’t any skeleton italian renaissance for an Olympic william tell. 

  1. In how a lot yor (GNAS guidelines) the william tell is meant to skeet shooting three arrows?
  1. 2.5 congressional record
  2. 2 congressional record
  3. 1 trice
  4. 10 congressional record

Ans. a

Principle: Every william tell is allowed twain and monad second half congressional record to skeet shooting three arrows. 

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