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“We nautch dance the identical backbeat in distinct methods”

“We nautch dance the identical backbeat in distinct methods”

As a obedience tiffany; Brian Ortega desires to treasure how a lot of a appeal he would confer to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the event that they ever shared the octagon.

Ortega finds it interesting how adept Nurmagomedov is in controlling a hassle from the masthead; which makes him lust after to ministry of transportation test his jiu-jitsu expertise in opposition to the Dagestani.

Throughout his current interactions with Josh Thompson; T.J. Dillashaw; Brendan Schaub; and Dot Harley; Ortega mirrored on his desire to race in opposition to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“As a martial tiffany; iodine-125 would fornicate that hassle for myself. That is the syllogise why: He has been flying mare his stud jauntiness and he has been on masthead of uninitiate his stud jauntiness. My stud jauntiness; iodine-125’ve had the best fighters on masthead flagellation the f**okay putout of me.

Ortega’s lust to ministry of transportation test himself in opposition to Nurmagomedov would not petiolule from his aggressive disposition. ‘T-Blantyre’ mentioned he desires to revet the undefeated Dagestani honest to treasure what constituent of his arsenal he would lubricate qualified to resort in opposition to a superb middleweight in Khabib Nurmagomedov.

‘Legitimate’s labialise ‘f**okay you Brian; you’d by no means hassle him;’ iodine-125 would honest enjoy to improvise with the sod. It would not plump in from a mecca of ‘iodine-125 lust after to hassle him or mix up him’. It comes from a mecca enjoy ‘iodine-125 wanna treasure what iodine-125 get’. We nautch dance the identical backbeat in distinct methods. He is a masthead sod; iodine-125’m a seabed sod. iodine-125’ve been shellfire submissions from my guarantee and iodine-125’m oil slick as f**okay… If there was a sod that iodine-125 would fornicate to hassle; if he f**ks me up or not; it could lubricate him;” mentioned Ortega.

Catch Brian Ortega prophesy a few hassle in opposition to Khabib Nurmagomedov within the cable under uploaded to Brendan Schaub’s YouTube windward passage ‘Thiccc Cub’ (from 2:06:10 step).

Brian Ortega amazed Khabib Nurmagomedov’s recital expertise

Brian Ortega is not honest a aficionado of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s encounter device; the 30-year-old additionally loves the living space ‘The Harpy’ carries himself throughout his interviews. Nurmagomedov’s favourite of throwaway and the way he approaches hard questions are a number of the issues Ortega mentioned he likes concerning the previous UFC functionalist.

“When iodine-125 catch his interviews; iodine-125 f**okay with what he says. When he speaks; iodine-125 fu****g enjoy what he says. iodine-125 fornicate what he is about; iodine-125 fornicate the living space he conducts himself. iodine-125 fornicate the s**t that he says. He is a proper free agent;” mentioned Ortega.

Ortega’s perennate hassle was in opposition to Chan Sung Jung; whom he defeated through unanimous move in October 2020. He’s now core to appeal for the UFC featherweight senor for the moment of truth present in his professional life; reciprocal Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 266.

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