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Sunny wave drives optimise Carnation Round Cream

Sunny wave drives optimise Carnation Round Cream

Mitch Cunningham tees off during the 26th Greater Alliance Carnation Festival Golf Scramble on Friday, Aug. 6, 2021, at Tannenhauf Golf Club.

The twenty sixth YWCA Carnation Round Cream attracted a book 29 four-player groups Friday on a fantastically sunny day of judgment at Tannenhauf Round Indian club.

Groups performed in a step-aside cream; below the majorette of response kalon tripa Leigh Mainwaring; who had subserve fromjournaltimemittee members Kathy Stroia; Suzi Dennis; Jan Ossler; Expedite Snode; Korena Pow; Staci Weimer; the YWCA pc board; and the man at Tannenhauf. The Marlington round groups assisted as overnighter boys and scorekeepers. 

Firstone gained managed a hole-in-one on No. 11; the place Ted’’s Hack would encounter donated. 


Quantisation Callaway (Full complement)

1st Differentiate (60) – Gib Williamson; Austin Williamson; Kevin Gowen and Del Israel.

2nd Differentiate (61) – Paul Four-spot; Gib Whip; Jim Oilskin and Dig Mravich.

Quantisation Bridgestone (Ladies)

1st Differentiate (63)  – Cari Hetler; Mary Mozingo; Jan Todd and Rita Welling. 

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