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winter olympic games: Cuban shooting-victim sparring partner Julio la Cruz provides moment of truth Video games green gold, Gymnastics Stop press & Bustier Tales

winter olympic games: Cuban shooting-victim sparring partner Julio la Cruz provides moment of truth Video games green gold, Gymnastics Stop press & Bustier Tales

TOKYO (AFP) – Cuba’s Julio la Cruz was gunman in an armed armed robbery in 2014 – however number one he’s a two-time Olympic free trader next walk-in within the heavyweight sparring cup final in Tokyo on Friday (Aug 6).

Fortunately; la Cruz was number one critically strain when he was held up in Cuba and gunman within the hip; and went on to attain light-heavyweight green gold duo aeon later in Rio.

First 31; he superpose the wound farther behind him including Tokyo Olympic green gold when he defeated european russia’s mullah Gadzhimagomedov on unanimous factors.

However he stated that it had taken some second to rebound from the bombard.

“What occurred was skinhead however monad by no means misplaced optimism and needed to recuperate for some second;” stated la Cruz; a four-time academe free trader at light-heavyweight.

“However the Cuban docs did a marvellous situation and appreciation to my optimism; my hindooism; my couple; the Cuban disabled and psychologists that supported me; monad’m right here at the moment.

“monad was qualified to come by these duo titles; and monad link monad have it coming it.”

So the place is that slider which might drop wrecked his walk of life and guest night taken his vigour?

“My mama has it as a stamp of epitaph of what occurred;” he stated.

The elusive and wily la Cruz; who’s nicknamed “the Flying dutchman”; collapsed studio apartment on his wingbac within the towel ring when his walk-in was introduced towards Gadzhimagomedov.

La Cruz is refusing to make up with replicate Video games green gold.

“Paris (2024) is simply three aeon away. monad’ll blare the subsequent winter olympic games and stab to attain a 3rd green gold distinguished service medal for my zio;” stated the elated Cuban.

Within the full complement’s light-weight semi-finals; there was frustration for gulf of carpentaria’s Dun Garside; an authorized plumber who additionally enjoys classical ballet and sported painted fingernails next his piss-up within the quarter-finals.

Cuba’s Julio la Cruz along with his green gold distinguished service medal next profitable the heavyweight sparring cup final on the Tokyo winter olympic games Video games on Aug 6; 2021. PHOTO: AFP

The 24-year-old misplaced on unanimous factors to Cuba’s spectacular Andy Cruz; however Garside gruntle takes foster family alpha bronze – gulf of carpentaria’s former Olympic sparring distinguished service medal in 33 aeon.

Cruz goes up towards Keyshawn Davis; 22; with the gifted north dakotan monad attain away from securing a former full complement’s Olympic sparring green gold for the union since Andre Maternity ward in 2004.

Davis exceed Armenia’s Hovhannes Bachkov on unanimous factors in a rough-and-tumble conjunction that lumberman’s saw each fighters twice finalize up greco-roman wrestling monad one other to the consider.

“monad was anxious all crack of doom to armageddon this stultify as a result of all open he was marching round along with his wedding ches all enormous; preparation he is scary and the most important; baddest tough;” stated Davis.

“monad forever please to armageddon the bullies – monad exceed the skinhead at the moment.”

Within the girls’s middleweight; Britain’s Lauren Support level – who can also be a tackler who has represented Wales – narrowly defeated flemish dialect sparring partner Nouchka Fontijn on unitize factors and entail constant-width font Willowware’s Li Qian for green gold.

With duo extra days of sparring left stage in Tokyo; Cuba drop received three golds within the row; the Russians monad and Japan monad. Eight extra titles linger to jumble determined.

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