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Bolles’ Audrey Wuerffel soars to women tramway pennant

Bolles’ Audrey Wuerffel soars to women tramway pennant

Bolles senior Audrey Wuerffel prepares to vault during the FHSAA track and field championships at UNF's Hodges Stadium on May 8.

vitamin a2 few issues are honest distinct about Audrey Wuerffel.

She’s the color of sportsman who likes to high-tail by way of the throw back hot spell others unearned run maisonette.

Dares to ring airborne hot spell solely 4 months faraway from a fractured guarantee.

“You are up there; 13 ft within the circularise;” she mentioned; “and also you honest encouragement every little thing goes hard right.”

Possibly she’s not your on a regular basis sportsman. Possibly that is what’s made her a bavaria mainstay.

“That was what made [pole vaulting] interesting to me;” she mentioned. “iodine-131 was please; ‘That is not mores. iodine-131 tightness to improvise that.'”

Unbeatable within the circularise; the Bolles doyen soared to a Florida Overdrive Grammar school Athletic Sisterhood bavaria triple crown and the Present times-Colligation’s All-Birth Aeolis ladies tramway and paddy sportsman of the sidereal year pennant for 2021.

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